Perchlorates Detection

Detection of Explosive Perchlorates

The use of perchloric acid can lead to the dangerous build-up of perchlorates in fume cupboards and extract systems.


A: Blue liquid reagent introduced onto clear sample liquid from extract system B: Precipitate forming C: Precipitate settling out

Precipitates like this indicate the presence of perchlorates which can cause explosions*. It is reported that as little as 1 gram can have a ‘devastating effect’

As these materials are dangerous, current legislation requires that testing be carried out to determine possible risks to personnel.

We provide the necessary sampling and analysis service by personnel accredited under the Environment Agency MCERTS scheme. Please contact us via the details below.

*’In 1962 a maintenance worker on an Atomic Energy Commission-related project was killed and two others were seriously injured in an explosion touched off by routine use of a small ball peen hammer and 6-inch chisel. The workers were dismantling a perchloric acid fume vent system when the explosion–violent enough to be heard 4 miles away—occurred’ (Oak Ridge National Laboratory).

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