Workplace Air Quality Monitoring


IOM sampling head for personnel exposure monitoring

Workplace Air Quality Monitoring

COSHH compliance requires information on atmospheric contamination. This can be done by personal sampling or static background sampling in accordance with MDHS 25/3.

Tests are carried out by MCERTS qualified personnel accredited by the Environmental Agency and members of the Source Testing Association with 30+ years professional experience.

Personal sampling kit consisting of an IOM sampling head which contains the filter and the portable sampling pump connected via plastic tubing. Samples such as the examples shown below are collected for laboratory analysis. Total inhalable, thoracic & respirable dusts can be measured separately.

  •  Artificial limb production
  • Cosmetics production
  • Grain dust from maltings
  • Lead production
  • Metal surface treatment
  • Nickel plating
  • Solvent vapour
  • Vehicle exhaust fumes


1. Workplace ambient air samples of aluminium dust.  The highest concentration measured was 0.32 mg/m³ metal particulate, compared to a limit of 10 mg/m³.
2. Cosmetic powder manufacturing area, long term exposure limit = 10 mg/m³
3. Filter from personal sampler: Measured atmospheric particulate concentration 4.2
4. Filter from personal sampler: Atmospheric particulate concentration 1.8 mg/m³

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